Frequently Asked Questions

To allow us to install our top quality solar equipment on your roof, you agree to rent us the airspace above your property. This rental agreement ensures that we will maintain the solar panels and protects you as the homeowner.

Once the equipment is installed and you are satisfied it is working, we will then sign you up to our Save-As-You-Go fixed tariff. This is similar to your relationship with your current energy provider. We will then send you a monthly bill for the solar energy you use in your home, at the agreed fixed annual rate. You can cancel this contract at any time and join back up again in the future should you wish.

Our fixed rate tariff is at least 10p cheaper per kWh than the current OFGEM Energy Price Cap. With our annual fixed tariff rising at less then 1p per year and electricity prices rising on average at more than 5% we estimate that your savings in the future will be far greater. This all means that you can plan ahead with the knowledge that your solar energy will always be affordable.

That is an excellent question! Providing Solar Panels for FREE is not cheap.

In simple terms, we benefit from two sources of income. First, we bill our customers for the solar energy they consume, though at a significantly reduced fixed rate per kWh. Second, we sell any surplus electricity that they do not use back to the grid, albeit at a lower price.

We view our relationship with our customers as a collaborative partnership: we provide the panels, and they provide the roof space. Together, we contribute to helping the environment and share in the profits from the clean solar energy generated.

We will sign you up to a fixed tariff which can be canceled at any time, so your certainly not tied in!

The way we can guarantee really low prices is by setting our fixed term tariff prices long into the future. However, you can cancel this contract for any reason at any time, without an exit fee, subject to some standard T&C’s. Yes you heard that right, NO EXIT FEE!

We will continue to maintain the solar panels on your roof, so that should you wish to join up again in the future, they are there working properly and waiting for you to enjoy again.

Firstly, the rental agreement places a legal obligation on us to both maintain and insure the entire system.

Secondly, you only pay for the solar energy you use, so if the panels are not working then we don’t get paid, that’s not good business!

It’s simple math’s! Our contract with you will be set at a fixed rate unit price, this is currently up to 40% lower than you are paying your current supplier. What this means is that every kWh of solar energy you use, you will be making real money savings, adding up to £££’s.

Also as there is no initial outlay, so you don’t have to wait hoping that one day in many years time, you will see a return on your investment.

Firstly, with Fizz Energy’s Save-As-You-Go solar solution there is NO initial outlay. Although solar systems are advertised online from £4,000 often you will find when you get down to your specific system, you are looking at £7,000+. At todays rate you could be earning 3.5% interest in your bank so £245 every year.

Secondly, the electricity is not FREE as the installers would like you to think. The system has a finite amount of solar energy that it will produce in its lifetime and you have paid for the initial installation. It would be like paying your electricity provider £7,000 so they will provide some of your electricity “FREE” over the next 25 years.

As an example, living in Bournemouth with a roof 30 degrees off South at a 45 degree pitch, big enough to take a 3.36 kWp system (8 x 420W panels). Over the 25 years according to the MCS calculations the panels will produce approximately 80,000 kWh. You will now need to add some maintenance over the 25 years, a change of the inverter, possibly remove the panels to do work on the roof, so you would need to add another say £2000. Assuming the system costs £7,000 you have now spent £9,000 for 80,000kWh of electricity, that’s just over 11p per kWh, so a long way from “FREE”! If you include your loss of interest or you borrow to buy the system, this goes up to at least 18p per kWh.

Thirdly, when you buy outright your on your own! even though the products will come with warranties, often these will not include a labour cost. So if 5 years down the line your panels fail for whatever reason, the manufacturer will not pay the cost for talking off the old and replacing them with the new ones. This could involve scaffolding etc…

With Fizz Energy’s Save-As-You-Go solution, you have no initial outlay, you only pay a low fixed price for the solar electricity you use and we cover all the maintenance and warranties.

Even in the UK the panels may occasionally generate more electricity than you can use. Rest assured any excess electricity generated by the panels is automatically fed back into the national grid, benefiting the wider community and helping to reduce our CO2 emissions.

With the Save-As-You-Go Solar tariff you only pay for what you use, so you wont be charged for any excess that goes back to the grid.

Don’t worry the agreement to rent the airspace above your home, will seamlessly be inherited by the new homeowner.

When you sell the property you will notify us of the change of ownership and we will cancel your fixed rate tariff contract with us. We will then offer the new owner the option of carrying on with the great rates you were enjoying for the remainder of the airspace rental agreement.

In the unlikely event that your buyer doesn’t want to benefit from cheaper electricity, then we will continue to maintain the panels at our cost, in case they change their mind in the future.

Unfortunately we can’t move the system to your new home, but we may be able offer you a new great deal there!

The only thing we require is for you to have installed a 2nd generation smart meter. If you don’t yet have one, this isn’t a problem, we can talk you through arranging for a free upgrade of your existing meter with your current electricity provider.

Otherwise the solar panels are plug and play. We will connect them to your homes electrics and you can immediately start enjoying affordable, clean solar energy.

Oh and did we mention you will also start saving straight away!

Over the last decade more than 30,000 homes in the UK have opted for free solar panels, some may be your neighbours. Therefore, we can say with absolute confidence that airspace rental has been tried and tested in the UK.

Our airspace rental agreement meets the requirements set out by UK Finance, so you can have peace of mind that you are fully protected. Before we go ahead with any installation, we will check with your mortgage lender to ensure that they are happy for you to enter into it.

When the airspace agreement term ends, you will be the proud owner of the solar panels. You will continue to enjoy the electricity they produce well into the future.

Although solar panels lose some efficiency over time, they usually work for around 40 years, so you should be able to enjoy completely free solar electricity for another 15 years or so!

Yes, although we can’t think why you might want to!

The airspace agreement allows you to cancel at any point. Depending on how many years into the agreement you are and the size of the system, there will be an amount to pay. The details of exactly how and the amount you need to pay, will be clearly set out in the lease.

Once you’ve canceled the airspace agreement, you will own the panels outright.

Not at all. In fact, many homeowners over the last decade have successfully sold their properties with a free solar system in place.

The new homeowners often appreciate the benefits of having maintenance-free panels and consider it as a valuable addition to their new home.

Of course they would also have the option of ending the fixed tariff contract with no fee or canceling the airspace rental agreement as set out in the agreement , thus taking ownership of the panels.

Don’t worry, you will automatically get topped up by your usual electricity supplier who will charge you in their normal way.

Our expert team of installers who are fully insured are MCS certified, members of NAPIT and have RECC consumer protection, for your piece of mind.

We will take care of all maintenance including cleaning them if needed. We will remotely monitor the system to ensure it is working optimally and you always get to benefit from as much affordable solar energy as possible.

You don’t need to worry about a thing. Before our expert installers start work they always check that your roof is in good repair for a solar installation.

If something should happen after it has been installed and you need access to your roof, as set out in the airspace rental agreement, during the term of the agreement we will remove and replace the equipment for you twice, free of charge. You don’t get that when you buy solar outright!

Assuming you haven’t taken a hammer to them, all our solar installations are fully insured so we will take care of any repairs and maintenance.

Using energy bills from your existing supplier to see your current usage and our energy modelling program, we can show you how much money you should be able to save on your energy depending on how much solar energy you can realistically use.

Because we don’t charge anything for the installation, even a very small amount of solar energy generated will reduce your electricity bills.

Generally planning permission is not needed unless you live in a Conservation Area, or your home is a listed building.

As of December 2023 planning permission is no longer required for installations on a flat roof as long as they do not protrude more than 60cm, see SI 2023/1279 4.(2)(c).

We use industry leading suppliers to create solar energy and branded inverters to turn it from DC to AC and make it suitable for household use. All our systems are fully backed by our 25 year warranty.

The exact specification will be set out before installation, so you have piece of mind.

No, this most definitely not a loan, we don’t charge interest and you are not renting the panels or responsible for them. You will have no personal commitment apart form paying for the low cost solar electricity you use in your home.

This means if you don’t use any solar generated electricity or choose to cancel your fixed tariff contract with Fizz Energy, then there will be nothing for you to pay.

The only bill you will ever receive is for any solar electricity you use and if you are using then that means you are saving money!

No, Fizz Energy’s Save-As-You-Go solar solution is not a lease or asset finance.

It has the benefits of a lease i.e. that Fizz Energy takes care of the maintenance and insurance, but not the down sides. Fizz Energy will own the system completely for the term of the airspace agreement and when that ends you take over the ownership.

There is no monthly commitment to pay a fixed amount and if you choose to cancel your Fixed Tariff Contract, then there will be absolutely no further financial commitments on your part.

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