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Are the panels really FREE?

Yes! We supply and install the panels and all the other equipment needed to get you enjoying low cost solar energy at absolutely no cost!

The rate we charge for the the solar energy you use is 37% lower than the current OFGEM Energy Price Cap. It’s also fixed for the long term so you can plan ahead with no unpleasant surprises in the future.

You can use as much or as little of the solar energy generated, although the more you can move away from you current grid supplier the more you save.

That is an excellent question! Providing Solar Panels for FREE is not cheap.

In simple terms, we benefit from two sources of income. First, we bill our customers for the solar energy they consume, though at a significantly reduced fixed rate per kWh. Second, we sell any surplus electricity that they do not use back to the grid, albeit at a lower price.

We view our relationship with our customers as a collaborative partnership: we provide the panels, and they provide the roof space. Together, we contribute to helping the environment and share in the profits from the clean solar energy generated.

We will sign you up to a fixed tariff which can be canceled at any time, so your certainly not tied in!

The way we can guarantee really low prices is by setting our fixed term tariff prices long into the future. However, you can cancel this contract for any reason at any time, without an exit fee, this is subject to some standard T&C’s. Yes you heard that right, NO EXIT FEE!

We will continue to maintain the solar panels on your roof, so that should you wish to join up again in the future, they are there working properly and waiting for you to enjoy again.

It’s simple math’s! Our contract with you will be set at a fixed rate unit price, this is currently up to 40% lower than you are paying your current supplier. What this means is that every kWh of solar energy you use, you will be making real savings, adding up to £££’s.

Also as there is no initial outlay, so you don’t have to wait hoping that one day in many years time, you will see a return on your investment.

Firstly, the airspace rental agreement places a legal obligation on us to both maintain and insure the entire system.

Secondly, you only pay for the solar energy you use, so if the panels are not working then we don’t get paid, that’s not good business!

Even in the UK the says may occasionally generate more electricity than you can use. Rest assured any excess electricity generated by the panels is automatically fed back into the national grid, benefiting the wider community and helping to reduce our CO2 emissions.

With the Save-As-You-Go fixed tariff you only pay for what you use, so you wont be charged for any excess that goes back to the grid.

Don’t worry the agreement to rent the airspace above your home, will seamlessly be inherited by the new homeowner.

When you sell the property you will notify us of the change of ownership and we will cancel your fixed rate tariff contract with us. We will then offer the new owner the option of carrying on with the great rates you were enjoying for the remainder of the airspace rental agreement.

In the unlikely event that your buyer doesn’t want to benefit from cheaper electricity, then we will continue to maintain the panels at our cost, in case they change their mind in the future.

Unfortunately we can’t move the system to your new home, but we may be able offer you a new great deal there!

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I would give them 9 stars if possible. The first initial contact was professional and friendly.

I was not under pressure to make a decision at any point and they answered my questions quickly and in plain English so there are little or no mis-communication.

The solar panels were installed in no time after I signed up with them. The installers explained the installation details before they started the work. I was given more information regrading the system after the installation was completed; I was also surprised that they left the place clean and took all the packaging with them.

The investment Fizz Energy made is substantial; it benefits Fizz Energy; customers but also the environment. So I am sure they are here for the long term and I am glad to be part of this journey.

Peter Ong


“I was looking for solar panels online and stumbled across Fizz Energy. I’m glad I did, as I didn’t have to pay anything upfront for my panels.”


Russel Lane


“I was sceptical at first, but the team at Fizz Energy were friendly, professional and true to their word. Our Solar panels look great and save us money.”

Michelle Webb


“After receiving a letter, I enquired to see how much I could save. Fizz Energy helped me save £136 in just one year!”

Derick Griffiths


“They guided me through the best solar options for my home, provided transparent pricing, and ensured a seamless installation. What impressed me the most was their dedication to customer satisfaction.”

Robert Fox


“Fizz Energy proved to be an excellent choice for those looking for top-notch solar solutions without breaking the bank.”

Wade Warren


“Fizz Energy truly lived up to their name by working magic on my electricity bills! The team was not only knowledgeable but also extremely reliable throughout the entire process.”

Lisa Shepherd

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